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One facet of this argument that goes largely undiscussed (and is something your friend may care about) is that it is bad for an imperfect government to be able to predict all crime. Some of the greatest steps forward in human history were only...


Commonwealths Proposal

A word from the author,

The Commonwealths proposal is a concept I put togeather from the help and assistance of many differnt people online and off to offer an alterative solution to the unlimited corruption we see in our current form of the united states governemnt today. Although its based in the U.S., it can also be applied in any country on the earth for those who wish to rise up and challange the status quo.

This site is dedidcated to helping humanity build strong local communities though the princiapals of self-government and self-organization. If any central government should exist, it should never be in a position of power to interfer with the rights, freedoms and property of the people in which it serves.

Concider this when you are reading, writing and thinking about building or contributing to  a new world for everyone.

In natrual great peace, from Scott : Larson.

How our current form of government actual works

In the United States, our current form of society is based on democratic principals that put decisions based upon majority rule above individual rights and freedoms. Decisions are made at the top, and results of those decisions trickle down to the people. Decision makers are encouraged and supported by our system of government to act for a small minority of people who control the government from the outside and those people get kickbacks when they play the game. The people playing this game have very little regard for how decisions impact the people. As laws are passed, and deals are made for the benefit of special interests at our expense, it becomes increasingly difficult to redress decisions after they become policy. Especially given the limited resources and awareness to monitor and act on an ever increasingly amount of these policies compared to special interests who have the advantage of unlimited resources and face time with our elected representatives. The system just doesn't work the way it was intended, its a top-down one way communication system.

What is the Commonwealths?

The Commonwealths is a proposal for a cooperative approach to operating a decentralized, trustworthy and balanced society. It's a set of communities containing free individuals who voluntarily participate in the operation of their own community, and when necessary cooperates between each non-local community within the Commonwealths at large for mutual benefit. The goal is to improve the quality of life of all individuals and reduce corruptive influences that make governing a society difficult by implementing strategies that create transparency in the operation of whats called "self-organized" societies. Self-organization means that everyone in the society contributes to the operation of that society in some way and those contributions are made transparent though web based technologies.

How Our Current System of Society Prevents Change

  • Presidential elections can be fixed1 by special interests preventing candidates2 that support real change from getting any real attention3 or be able to participate in the election process.
  • Our current democratic society doesn't work for us, it simply allows people with the most resources to make policy by using resources accumulated at the top to be put to use in convincing the public to go along with decisions that are based on self-interest. Or for interested parties that do not represent or serve the people.
  • People, when faced with power tend to hold themselves above others. Its a common weakness of all hierarchical systems that puts one group of people in a position of power and the rest in a position servitude.

How Redistributing our Attention Toward Decentralization Creates Solutions

The formation of a Commonwealth is an idea that I got from a video called "Revolution: An Instruction Manual" made by a guy that goes by the name "Storm Clouds Gathering".  In the video he talks about the Iroquois, a group of six Indian tribes all with their own cultures and traditions that formed a Federation that lasted well before Columbus and up until 1779 when they were conquered militarily by the U.S. Many historians believe that the the Iroquois Federation was the inspiration for the United States of America, the difference being the Federation never had a central government. Nobody at the top had any power to force the member tribes to do anything against their will. This system worked and it worked well for a very long time. There is every reason to believe that it can work again. The foundation of the Commonwealths is to operate society with complete absence of a central government where people govern their own actions in accordance with moral principals and mutual respect. Its not a utopian fantasy, its a viable option and its one we should be considering as we move forward with new ideas that empower us to make real change.


Henry Thoreau and 'Civil Disobedience'

[50] Thoreau specifically addresses fellow abolitionists who called for the immediate cessation of slavery. Instead of petitioning the government to dissolve the Union with slaveholders, Thoreau believed those reformers should dissolve “the union between themselves and the State – and refuse to pay their quota into its treasury.” Petitions only strengthened the authority of the government by recognizing its authority and honoring the will of the majority. “[Any] man more right than his neighbors constitutes a majority of one already,” he observes.
The reformers who petition government for permission “love better to talk” about justice than to act on it. Thus, Thoreau concludes, “Reform keeps many scores of newspapers in its service, but not one man.” To men who prefer a safe strategy, voting becomes a substitute for action and politics becomes a sort of game, like checkers or backgammon, only with a slight moral tinge.
To Thoreau, anyone willing to leave moral decisions to the will of the majority is not really concerned that right should prevail. When resisting the poll tax, he did not consult the majority; he acted. If he had allowed the majority to decide whether or not he should pay, by his own standards he would have shown no regard for what is right.

Supporting Information

For more information on the Commonwealths please have a look at our Operational Goals. This proposal is completely open to suggestions and improvements. Most actions require a account. Sign-up to join our mailing list or follow us on twitter to stay up to date on whats going on, or join our reddit community by commenting on the current phase of the proposal. The only thing I ask when making suggestions is that we stay away from ideas that are based on centralized power structures. We want work to build a system that decentralizes governance so people can become part of the solution, not part of the problem. This proposal was created from the ideas and help of many people, you can find a list of sources that inspired this proposal by visiting the inspirations section.