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Have you been invited to the party?

Does anybody really understand what a political party really is? It's astonishing how many people incorporate counter-intuitive beliefs into their daily lives. Think for a second the concept of the word party:

party (n.) late 13c., “part, portion, side,” from Old French partie “side, part; portion, share; separation, division” (12c.), literallythat which is dividednoun use of fem. past participle of partir “to divide” (see part (v.)). Political sense of “side in a contest or dispute” evolved by 1300; meaning “a person” is from mid-15c. Sense of “gathering for social pleasure” is first found 1716, from general sense of persons gathered together (originally for some specific purpose, such as dinner party, hunting party). Phrase the party is over is from 1937; party line is first recorded 1834 in the sense of “policy adopted by a political party,” 1893 in the sense of “telephone line shared by two or more subscribers.” Party pooper is from 1951, American English.

You cannot bring real change by being divided, or involved with any party because by definition the meaning of a party is to divide. Words have specifc meanings in our minds, psychologically parties are invitation only. Invitation by the host. Now who is the host of our political parties? People that run the de facto centralized government. Even if you create you own party you are still operating under the rules of the host and even then, by the very nature of establishing a party you set up the people to be divided. Only certain people are allowed at party correct? You are not going to invite everyone into one big party, right? No that would bring chaos. How can you host a party where the outcome of that party effects everyone? It's doomed to fail because that party does not represent the everyone and multiple parties won't encompass all the needs of the people. It only represents the people invited to the party or people that want to join your party, and why would we want to join a party where the host is a criminal organization? Nobody wants to be part of a criminal organization except the criminally insane or the criminally ignorant. If you think a government with a centralized power structure as a foundation is a correct way to run a society, you are criminally ignorant, or criminally insane. It's time for you to open you eyes and see the byproducts of how our central governments operate. You can start with the wars in the Middle East.

What we want are diverse communities working together in a decentralized way for mutual benefit through the exchange of goods and support to get each community's needs met. Not every community is going to have exactly the same needs but we can agree on common interests and work together for these common interests and agree to disagree on the rest.

Political parties set people apart from each other on there own native soil because the very definition of the term and by its byproduct communicates exclusion.

Stop supporting division by agreeing with our politically system to operate within its limited boundaries and start supporting community though decentralization and self-government. Visit my home page for some ideas on how to accomplish this.