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How to Give Notice

In the last 200 years, we've been conditioned by the education and political system to make appeals and complaints. To exercise our natural rights free from interference of others we have act like men and women. Acting like a man requires you to not give in to systems of control, you create you own system of control and require a wrong doer to answer your claim.  To make a claim you start out by giving notice to a man or women who is interfering with your rights usually in written, as that is the only form of commication that is well recognised in court, unless you have witnesses that will testfiy in court that what you are saying is true. Please be aware that this is a vector of attack for the wrong doer as your witness's  standing in society can be called into question.

As a man or a women, not as a role or position, we can claim a right for pretty much anything as long as you can demonstrate that to be without it would cause you harm and to excercise that right won't cause harm to another.

So instead of protesting, which is a form of begging, or to use language or instruments that were not created by you as a method of obtaining relief I would suggest noticing (write a notice) the man or woman by name, and not the role or position that man or women is operating under. Please see my "Interfering with Common Law Rights Schedule 'A' - Fee Schedule" for a example

It's much harder to hold roles or positions accountable. They are legal instruments created by the legal society, who designs them to be immune to legal action. 

The first rule of engagement in battle against a stronger force is to never use their own instruments against them if they have a monopoly on the system in which that instrument was created. If you do, you will be operating at a deficiency since they operate the codes under which those instruments are created. They can change there codes at any time, or ignore them entirely. And while you spend energy on answering their demands, or subjecting yourself to their ability to confuse, misdirect and mislead, you get weaker while they get stronger.

So, the strongest position you can be in is your ability assert a right that nobody will stand in a court of record to contest. This also requires you to understand the venue in which you are in. If you are not in a venue that was created to protect the man 'You" this will not work. Admiralty courts are courts based on commerece of the sea, and can only hear commerce related cases. If you attempt to bring your rights into that court they will ignore your words completly. As your words are not based in a commerece language that the court has jursdiction over.

In the past, courts of record were used by the king to handle matters of his kingdom. The thing to remember is that these courts still exist in our world today. But you need to invoke them with the right written language in order to make use of it. Right now, when we agree to appear in court, we are appearing in administrative proceeding as a defendant or a plantiff.  Administrative courts are not courts of record. To be present in a court of record you need make a claim, and then bring a case against a man or a woman without using legal representation. You present yourself and your case to the court for the wrong doer to answer your claim. You never re-present yourself by getting an attorney to re-present you as that diminishes your capcity and you never say you are re-presenting yourself, why would you ever re-present yourself anyway? re-presentation should only be used for the incompent or mental unstable. Speaking of inconpetantcy, you can use this argument in an admistrative court since everything that is said in a court like that is only for the law people. This will require that you learn something about the law, the courts will test what you know, and if you don't know how to respond your writings will have no weight. The judge can use his or her descrionary judgement at this point.

Before bringing a matter to court you need to demonstrate due process. The process is: written notice to answer a wrong.  2nd notice to cease and desist via process server (3rd part impartial witness) with a due date (due dates are dependant on the seriousness of the wrong, file a claim in a court of record for damages (All state courts are courts of record).

 People that hide behind their roles can only act by the rules and regulations in which that role exist.   But those roles and regulations can not precede the rights and freedoms of man. So if the man uses his role or position to interfere your rights you can drag them out of that position into your court and make that man answer to his actions. You make the damages amount big enough that the man will settle the matter. See my Interferance of common law fee schedule for ideas on damages. The goal is to keep the clock ticking on damages untill the harm ceases in your cease and desist letter. That the man will have to eventualy answer your claim. This happened in the Paula Jones1 case against Bill Clinton in 19962