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The Peoples Dilemma

You can choose either freedom or slavery, but not both.

The problem of a democratic society is one where the people think that freedom means being subservient to a government entity. They pay taxes, the get licenses, the do all the things they need to do to live a life without hassle. So how far removed is this from a criminal organization that offers paid protection in return for relative peace? I put forth the idea that to follow this course of reasoning puts everyone at risk of being enslaved under a tyrannical institution. The longer we put off the tough questions about where our society is heading the worse it will get for all of us.

I compare the peoples dilemma of being dutiful to government to the prisoners dilemma.

The situation works like this. The prisoners dilemma is a paradox in decision making where two individuals acting in their own best interest pursues a course of action that does not result in a ideal outcome for both.

The two individuals choose to act in such a way as to protect themselves at the expense of the other. The result is that both individuals find themselves in a worse state then if they had cooperated with each other in the beginning.

I propose that we all need to come to the realization that when it comes to operating a society, if you act in your own self interest you put the entire population of the people around you at risk, including yourself.

The reason is very simple, Government (or the people behind it) depend on legitimacy. They get this legitimacy when your consent to their actions by your ignorance of, or lack of action against its crimes. The crimes are many but if you want examples I would start with:

  • The drone program. It operates in secret and has no accountability what so ever.
  • The NDAA that can allow indefinite detention of any man or women if the people who operates that program makes a claim that your actions support, or are part of a terrorism organization.

  • The clandestine wars to bring colonialism in the guise of democracy to the world’s population and subjugate the people under rulers and dictators to make people easier to control. This is happening or has happened already in Gaza, Libya and Syria, and many others. The reason’s they give for these wars sound nice, but when you take an objective look at the accounts of the people being subjugated you have to ask yourself, is what the media telling you the truth?

If you say to yourself, “I’m only doing whats best for myself” by not asserting your responsibility to right action you put yourself, your family and your people in jeopardy. If we all act for the good of others in this regard we can put an end to government crimes against the world. This happens when we refuse to support government with our time, money and energy, but also when we support each other though whats called a decentralization practice.

Instead of fighting federal authority on issues that threaten our freedoms though representation, petitions and protesting we should instead focus on the local level and put pressure on our local governments to put distance between our states and the federal government by refusing to act on federal laws that threaten us and make statements of condemation when they act against the good of humanity. Then, if the federal government makes any decisions in our name, and against our will the laws will have no effect because the states will not support tyrannical decisions that put our lives at risk.

This is a war of perception by people who operate the federal government for ill or gain have to win. They will use anything within the disposal to keep the power in government centralized. The structure of government is built this way and it corrupts everything into that modality, elections are no exception. They cant win this battle if you decide to act in the interests of everyone and if you work to convince others of this truth. As more people act for the good of all it will become a cascade effect that will bring the real change that we all need.

Don’t become a chess piece in a game that pits you against your fellow man or women. Act to break yourself out of this dilemma before its too late. Government was a tool to help each other protect our rights from enemies, foreign and domestic, not to be used as a tool by power hungry individuals that have no connection to humanity. The enemy is our corrupt institutions and its time to peacefully remove ourselves from it, return to the land and decentralize power into the hands of the people who deserve it. By the people, for the people and of the people.

Projects You Can Support to Shift the Balance of Power

You can change the balance of power by taking control of corrupt institutions supply and demand by shifting your money and resources to sustainable projects. Stop feed money to corporations that have no interest in social change or mold their businesses around capitalism. Capitialism centralizes money at the top of the food chain, its very simmilar to how all pyarmid schemes work. If we want a open and free economy we need to build new structures of decentralization. Here are a few that I know about that I trust:

Let me know if you have any links I should add to projects that will decentralize our society. You can follow me at @trinsic1 or the @commonwealhtsor. You can also contact me through my contact page.