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Materials to guide the mind into a state of awakening.


We all need to understand law and how it applies to or life in order to be responsible people that work together.

Avoiding Mainstream Narratives

When you give your attention to a narrative, you are allowing that stream of information to perpetuate itself though your energy and investment as you choose any side of that narrative.

Stop Letting the Lesser of Two Evils Dictate Choice

There is a a choice, Non-Consent. The most reasonable one if you are into common sense.

If you treat a government like a business and you are the owner, you wouldn't be electing corrupt employees into office. You would be withdrawing your consent which would force that business to shutdown since that business only operates by consent of the governed.

Stop letting perception of "no choice" make choices for you, and stop letting others pressure you into to making choices you don't agree with.

Non-Participation: It's choice that matters most

Non-participation is just as powerful as participation especially when you feel like you are being forced to choose between two or more options you don’t agree with. When you choose to do what’s right regardless of the outcome, choice clears the path for real change to occur. That’s real power no matter what anyone tells you.

The more we act by what our conscience dictates, the stronger our choices feel in light of the circumstances around us. Getting by, or holding off right action creates a gap between our best intentions and further complicates the problem.

Huffington Post gets it wrong. State law trumps federal law, and here's why

Huffington Post published a article in 2014 titled: State vs. Federal Law: Who Really Holds the Trump Card?. In it Lesley Daunt states that federal law prevails, here is the text of Article 6 of the U.S Constitution:


Government should only play a limited role in our lives by operating at our request to take care of the resources that we use to survive. The U.S government is operating totally outside of its mandate. To return to a healthy form of government consider limiting your role in its expansion by:

How our current local governments are not operating for the people

Right now we have goverments that are really corporations and are not subject to the public, so we cannot work with them as they are based on corporate enties which are attached to the united states of america which is the mother corporation.

All state governments operate under the mothers corporate rules. If you want to maintain a status of man we have to iterface with or our fellow men and women who have allegiance to people, not corporations.

How to Give Notice

In the last 200 years, we've been conditioned by the education and political system to make appeals and complaints. To exercise our natural rights free from interference of others we have act like men and women. Acting like a man requires you to not give in to systems of control, you create you own system of control and require a wrong doer to answer your claim.

A philosophy behind the casting of a vote

Think of voting in terms of spells and energy and see what you get out of that if its beneficial for you or not to align yourself with the idea of voting.

vote (v.) 1550s, "give a vote to;" 1560s, "enact or establish by vote,"; see vote (n.). Earlier it meant "to vow" to do something (mid-15c.). Related: Voted; voting.

How etymology leads to all kinds of truths in our everyday lives

I'm a study of etymology after after I started looking into legal definition of words that are used in court. I realized words have been distorted from their true meaning by the use of synonyms over the ages to dumb down the masses so the ruling classes could maintain power. If you dont know the root meaning of a word, you dont know what that word really means. This gives people in positions of power (who know the true meaning of words), power over you because you use the word out of original form. Distorted words introduces errors in thinking.