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Non-Participation: It's choice that matters most

Non-participation is just as powerful as participation especially when you feel like you are being forced to choose between two or more options you don’t agree with. When you choose to do what’s right regardless of the outcome, choice clears the path for real change to occur. That’s real power no matter what anyone tells you.

The more we act by what our conscience dictates, the stronger our choices feel in light of the circumstances around us. Getting by, or holding off right action creates a gap between our best intentions and further complicates the problem.

It really begins with choice and ends with right action, action for the good of all, and not some falsely perceived self gain. Like the prisoners dilemma, if one person acts selfishly we all go to jail, if we all act together we escape limitations that have been imposed on us.

When enough of us chose to not consent to unproductive agreements, the very fabric of our society will change into a supportive environment that lacks all the corruptive influences you see now.