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Documents related to awareness leading to freedom

Mind Manipulation

A list of documents related to groups who study and activiely use tools to manipulate the minds of the pubic.

1933 - United States Becomes a Corporation

This is a Document that contains evidence of when the United States ceased being a government for the people and instead became a corporation whereby we became debtors to the entity that created a corporation.  The US government was replaced with a corporation on behalf of the Federal Reserve also a corporation not affilated in anyway with the people of the united states. Its understood that US corporation runs as a debt collection insitution against the american people for the creditors who run the Federal Reserve.

Common Law or [Roman] Civil Law

Common Law or [Roman] Civil Law 


Equal Footing Doctrine

This article is to help refute the idea that the states who joined the union of the united stats of America late are not subjected to the constition equally

The Subversion Process

Common Law Document Template

The Crown Temple

A history of governmental and judicial systems within the United States of America. The United States district of Columbia which is a separate entity from the land of America runs as a corporate entity subject to "The Crown" established by the Templar Church in 1776. The people and its State institutions, who pledge allegiance to the U.S.


This Document is a Notice that you can use to issue to the United States government that notifies them of your intent to Expatriate from the District of