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Interfering with Common Law Rights Fee Schedule

Common Law Right Violations Fee Schedule

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Scott Larson


Scott Larson Estate

Affidavit of Truth
Notice to all Agents
Interfering with Common Law Rights Schedule 'A' - Fee Schedule

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The following fee schedule applies to any and all peace officers, policy enforcement officers, government or quasi-government principals or agents, or any justice system participants who attempt to violate my natural, common law rights without a common law justification. This is not an attempt to circumvent State or Government Statutes with the purpose of malicious intent. This fee schedule is to protect my life, person and property from agents of State or Federal Government's that operate outside of the rule of law in an attempt to profit off of my life, freedom, or property. You have taken an oath to serve and protect the peace first and foremost and your bond acts as a instrument to hold you to account if you act in a manner that is not peaceable. If you attempt to use force to compel me to perform in any way that interferes with my rights, or make a claim against i: the man without a damaged party; or attempt to harm me with out a common law justification you: the man, will be held liable for damages. You may need to contact a superior to get clarification that you are in fact dealing with a man and not a statutory person:

Natural/Common Law InterferanceFee
If at any time I am presented with a bill in an attempt to collect taxes, fees or fines in relation to any statutory or commercial code violation without my express written consent. Written on your bill will be "accepted for value" as my offer of contract. My fee schedule will be attached as my counter offer. $1,000,000.00
due before performance.
Any attempt to compel me to perform on an adhesion contract without my express written consent. $2,000.00 an hour
If, at any time my freedom is interfered with by questioning, interrogatation, searched, or otherwise regulated without an injurged party. $200.00
per occurrence
If, for any reason, my movment is interfered with by use of force with handcuffs, transportation, or locked in any bulding. $2,000.00
per occurrence
If, for any reason, by body is damaged by the use of any “non-lethal” weapon such as a Taser. $200,000.00
per occurrence
If, for any reason, by body is damaged by the use of any lethal weapon or method of torture to my body. $2,000,000.00
per occurrence.
If I am killed due to the use of lethal force by ANYONE, intentional or accidental, acting under the color of law or otherwise. $20,000,000.00
to be paid to the Larson family and distrbuted equaly amoung surviving members.
If for any reason my body enclosure is breached in any way under the guise of medication or otherwise, without my express written consent. $5,000,000.00
per occurrence.
If, for any reason, I am falsely accused of any crime or infraction outside of the Common Law, or mis-quoted, or attributed anything I did not actually speak, write or do, or my written or spoken communications are shown to be tampered with in any way. $800,000.00
per occurrence.
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