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Modeling Society Around Properties of Emergent Intelligence

I believe that the belief that we need a authority (Government) ruling over our lives has been ingrained into us for a long time so its hard for us to consider the possibility that something new and different can actually work. To give you better insight into how this system might actually work I have compared it to ecological systems that currently work in the world today that bring about intelligent life.

Historically, any new approach to the structure of human societies that could improve our well-being we're brutally brought down by the ruling class and have been lost in history due to a ruling class rewriting history. I tend to find that the only way to really discovery a new approach to something is to:

  1. Ignore what people think about what cant be done.
  2. Build a prototype with the best ideas.
  3. Create a vision of what I would be like.
  4. Put it into action on a small scale.
  5. Make adjustments and improve it as it goes along.

I think the best way to look at this is to actually look at how our Ecosystem works and use that as a model for a society. AI research on Emergent Intelligence actually thinks studying the emergent properties in the building blocks of life might have the answers we are looking for to build AI. When looking at the behaviors of ants the worker ants when by them selves look like dumb agents, but together they could do extraordinary tasks and are capable of creating and maintaining complex systems. The answer to make it work is a communication loop that is both directions. When you compare this to our society you will notice that communication systems like the government break down because of this one way communication system. Decisions trickle down to the people and rarely do decisions trickle up. To create a society that is going to stand the test of time the communication system has to be two way on all levels of society. In AI research its called a Feedback Loop.

The problem is having the right leaders to help guide people in a positive direction. But left to there own devices for the most part I think this system could create good things, When given the proper incentive and education. And im not just talking about the Science part of education either. I'm also talking about the Spirit/Mind/Body education as well. All of these components need to be in balance for people to develop positive direction. Because most people do negative stuff when they tend to develop habits that are based in necessity created by their environment. In order to make this kind of system work I think what needs to happen is to create a system with transparency built into it.