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The New Party

Published by: Jordan Greenhall
Source: Scribd: The New Party

The New Party is an effort to construct a new approach to the political process that is fully appropriate to the information age. Rather than attempt to pose “another party”over and against the existing established parties, our intent is to create a platform that sits above the existing political process (“overcodes” it) and is able to take full advantage of the capabilities that are afforded by “Web 3.0”. We consider this approach to be strategically similar to the transformation of politics that was brought about by the last major shift in media – television. In a very fundamental sense, “the medium is the politics”.

One of the principal advantages of new media technologies is their ability to scale. They are able to deliver an enormous amount of continuing value with a relatively small early investment. Accordingly, we believe that it is possible using the right combination of new media technologies and approaches to “get money out of politics.” This is not an optimistic aspiration, but a pragmatic objective based on the real performance of new media over the past decade.

Concretely, we will endeavor to run a viable and competitive candidate in every major US election in 2012 on a total budget that is comparable to a single senatoral election in 2010. In addition, we believe that our approach can increase transparency,accountability, and engagement as well as much more effectively tap into the latent problem solving skills of our complete polity compared to the current system. But theseare the icing on the cake – if we can remove the power of money in politics, we will have achieved our goal.