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The Crown Temple

A history of governmental and judicial systems within the United States of America. The United States district of Columbia which is a separate entity from the land of America runs as a corporate entity subject to "The Crown" established by the Templar Church in 1776. The people and its State institutions, who pledge allegiance to the U.S. by enrolling into the system of government though contracts via a Social Security Number, a Drivers License, Federal Income Tax, and/or the voting registrar become part of this system and wave all natural rights to land life an property mostly unknowingly. Once enrolled into this system all rights to life liberty and property become subject to the democratic system of government which in reality is just a smoke screen to convince people of the once sovereign states to give up these rights and freedoms in exchange for benefits and privileges. The Crown Temple explains how this system was created and how it operates. If you are interested in doing something about it I suggest you see the page on divestment strategies.