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Plan of Execution

Step 1: Put Together The Committee of Political Change

The Committee for Political Change will consist of Seven Members who will create and fill the roles necessary for the Commonwealth to operate and actively participate in the execution of the objectives. The people selected for the committee must demostrate (from actual past history) that they have an unselfish desire to bring change, are willing to be consistant with the princiapls of the Commonwelaths and be anwserable to the Ethics Core and The Qualifiers.

The Committee needs to locate and recruit people with The following P.A.S.T history:

  • Organization
  • Planning
  • Coordination
  • Spiritual Guidance / Oracale
  • People with people selection skills based on ethical standards

Step 2: Put Together Teams & Fill Roles

For each Commonwealth team, an indivudal will be selected for the Organizers team by a Qualifier who will choose an individual from the guidance of the Ethics Core. Each individual selected for a team must have backgrounds of moral actions in the community on a first in first out basis until there are enough members to complete a the team. The team will then work togeather in choosing the individuals with skills necessary to create the infrastructure to support a Commonwealths Node. The First Node will be the Core Node consisting of  the Organizers, the Qualifiers and the Ethics Core.

  1. I put together a list of teams I think will be needed to form the first online only Decentralized Community Gathering but suggestions are welcome. The gathering could meet biweekly or monthly depending on the need. It's my understanding that we first need to create a decentralized structure of individuals online that are capable of making decisions together to further the operational goals of the online part of Commonwealths. This community gathering would be the first operational structure that would be used as a template for each local community.
  2. Fill roles for each team with individuals that fit that particular team.


Step 3: Improve Mission Statement Based on Input

Community gathers should be able to flesh out the main objectives for the Decentralized Community based on input.

Step 4: Create Marketing Material Packet for Distribution

The Marketing team will create a marking packet that can be downloaded by anyone wishing to create a decentralized community in there local community.

Step 5: Get the Word Out

A community gathering will be held at regular intervials. The teams will come up with ideas to get the word out in each community.

  • Idea #1:Put Together a Peoples Public Trust Action Group: I got this idea from a Darren Deojee video. I thought it was a good idea. The concept is to build a group of people with a official badge pinned to their shirt containing: Name Photo and Title of the "Peoples Public Trust Group". The point is to out into public areas of possible corruption, like court proceedings, police stops and the like and just observe with a clip board for note taking what is actually transpiring. Then have regular meetings and talking about the information gathered and propose ideas to bring transparency to the worst offenders. Just the act of going into a public venue with this kind of objective, carrying this kind of identification by itself will cause a dramatic shift in what is happening in your community. People respond to being monitored.

If you have any suggestions to improve this operational plan please let me know via email or in the next community gathering.

Participating in the Next Gathering

If you want to know when the next community gathering so you can participate please sign up for the commonwealths and annouce your interest to attend the next gathering in your profile. If people are interested in partisipating from a distance we could use Talkshoe, a broadcast platform that allows us to host a meeting online. Interested individuals who have been selected by the teams can be invited to tune into the broadcast using the talk shoe website by calling in using a phone or VoIP client.  Individuals are added into a queue where we can hold a voice discussion. As the talk moves forward an individual who has phoned in can raise his or her virtual had to be given an opportunity to speak. Individuals Can also enter in suggestions using the talkshoe broadcast chat room as well but it is encouraged that individuals call n for voice input.

Disclaimer before Participating in a Community Gathering

  1. Please listen to the first community gathering talk I had to get an idea of what the goals of a decentralized community are if you haven't already.
  2. The goal of a decentralized community is to make its operation completely decentralized, so we won't be entertaining any methods or ideas that require centralized systems currently in place to move forward the operation of the decentralized community unless it's for the sole purpose of making individuals currently involved in centralized systems aware of the decentralized community to allow them to find out more or join in as part of a decentralized community. Or, to allow non-critical parts of the commwealths to function more fluidly, this non-critical parts should be subject to scrutiny from the decentralized parts of the commonwealths.
  3. I will be reserving the right to de-voice or remove anyone that is abusive or continues to violate the parameters of the gathering. Please be patient and give everyone a turn to speak. Be in a state of listening, not thinking about your next response while another is speaking.


Build the first Commonwealth

Each Commonwelaths needs to havea at least 3 groups. Each group must have 3 teams with 3 leaders. One ethics core person, one qualifier and one organizer. Each group should have a max of 24 members  that can be distrubuted into any of the teams or roles needed. No group should exceed 27 members including the team leaders. A new group will need to be created for any additional members or team leaders. The reason for this structure is that too many members or team leaders in one group causes ego complications. Its been shown that when too many people are in a group people start to compete for attention.

Group 1

  • Ethics Team: 1 Core Person + 8 members
  • Qualifer Team: 1 Core Person + 8 members
  • Organizer Team: 1 Core + 8 members

Group 2

  • Ethics Team: 1 Core Person + 8 members
  • Qualifer Team: 1 Core Person + 8 members
  • Organizer Team: 1 Core + 8 members

Group 3

  • Ethics Team: 1 Core Person + 8 members
  • Qualifer Team: 1 Core Person + 8 members
  • Organizer Team: 1 Core + 8 members


Come up with the first projects to put the Commonwealths operation into action

Suggestions for the best approach:

  • Purchase some land?
  • Intruduce the Commonwealths propsoal to other estalbished off grid communities?
  • Funding for a trip to other locations where people live off grid to see how they work?